Corporate Social Responsibility

“There is more blessing in giving, than receiving, so goes the wise saying”.
At pacific business solutions, contributing to the well-being
of the society in general is one of the ways we believe we can give back to the same society
that gives us opportunity for our business.

Pacific Business Solutions is proud to be part of Japan business community.
As a responsible corporate citizen, we are determined to contribute in various forms
we can, not only to the local market we operate, but to extend our contribution across borders
in support of healthy causes. Below are some of the ways
we plan to commence our CSR activities.


As a young company just taking off, our contribution at this stage would mostly be through participation in volunteer activities. This would be through direct participation of our directors in various volunteer works across the country especially to the disaster-stricken areas of North-East Japan. We would also consider allowing our employees time off to participate in such volunteer programs, or others that they are interested in. As part of our corporate culture, we will encourage the spirit of giving and sharing, and supporting people in needs among our employees.

Eco-Cap Activities

Providing medical aid to developing countries and elimination of CO2 emissions – Eco Cap activities: This is an activity that will involve collecting caps of used plastic bottles to generate funds to purchase vaccines for children in developing countries through the Ecocap Movement. Through the available facts, we are very delighted to know that collection of 800 bottle caps would be enough to buy one dose of polio vaccine to vaccinate a child, while at the same time eliminating 6,300grams of green house gas (CO2) from atmosphere. At PBS, we will not only do be doing this, but will use all avenues at our disposal to encourage other organizations to do the same.

Also, not only at office, we will encourage our employees to gather these caps as well at their residences. In fact, our representative director (Michael) have been doing this well over 7 years at his home, and has collected over 3,500 caps. All the caps he has been collecting are still at his residence, and will be part of the first batch of caps that PBS will donate.

We will donate these caps to organization designated by Ecocap Movement, who will then handle them to the movement for sales to recyclers. The movement will then donate the money generated from the sales to the Japan Committee for Vaccines for the World’s Children (JVC).

Youth Education Activities

“Fish for a man and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish, and you feed him for life” This old saying tells it all about our philosophy behind youth education. It is not an overstatement, and in our heart of hearts, we believe education to be one of the greatest gifts that could be given to any man. PBS will support youth education through donation of books and writing materials, taking part in sports programs for youth mental and body development, taking part in seminars and speech programs for enlightenment as needs arise.

Other Programs

Activities already listed are areas we plan to commence our CSR activities. We are forward-looking in our approach, we will be looking for more areas to contribute, and will be working with our partner firms in variety of areas as well. If you have suggestions or ideas on how we can use our CSR activities to contribute more to the well-being of the society, feel free to contact us through e-mail.