PBS's Advantage

  1. Working with us, you can be sure of enjoying small-business attention that you won’t get working with large-scale consulting services firms such as Big 4.
  2. We conduct all business operations in Japan, and our consultants are people with vast experience in the market. This is an area where we differentiate ourselves from competitors. It is not an uncommon trend to find outsourcing companies’ still outsourcing operations they supposed to handle in-house to other outsourcing companies, or establishing operations unit overseas where staffs with little or no knowledge of local GAAP regulations are in charge of operation. From our personal experience, this has brought a significant decrease in quality of services, especially in operations like book-keeping and financial statements reporting where strong understanding, knowledge and experience of local financial regulations( local GAAP) is required to prepare entity’s financial statements to standards. As “compromising nothing for quality”, is our tenet, even in the face of high labor costs in Japan, all our consultants are local-based experts with in-depth knowledge of rules and regulations governing their areas of expertise.
  3. Seasoned experts are in charge. With over 20 years of experience working in Japan market, top management of PBS headed by its Representative Director have been able to pool together veteran experts, majority of them with decades of experience working in Japan market in their respective fields to handle all business operations. This ensures that all the services we provide are top-class.
  4. Respect and value your time. At PBS, we lay strong emphasis on time-management both internally, as well as for our clients. We will not waste your time by engaging you in business discussions of a service we will not be able to help you with, enabling you to use such precious time on your business growth activities. Adequate contacts and communication are done before hands so meeting time would be used judiciously
  5. Convenient location: Our office is located in Ginza, in the heart of Tokyo commercial district, so very convenient to reach us. Ginza is also home to many foreign high-ends fashion and luxury brands, and home to offices of major multi-national corporations.