Bookkeeping and Accounting Services

Accounting and Reporting is one of our core services. At PBS, our professionals are people with long years of experience handlingbasic journal and ledger entries, financial statements’ reviews, as well as preparation of financial reports. Not only will they tie the books properly, they will also advise you on technical areas as needs arise. Also, they are well versed with various ERP systems like JD Edwards, Hyperion, Oracle, and several others. Content of our Accounting service include, but not limited to

On-client site accounting service: For clients that could not have their Bookkeeping service processed outside of their premises either due to company policy or for control purposes, we would outsource our professionals to do the work on client site. Apart from such duties, our experts could work on-site with clients on advisory roles, such as setting up of in-house accounting environment, recommendation of ERP system suitable for client business, and so forth. After systems go-live, we can continue to provide review service in a time-frame suitable to client needs

Banking / Treasury Service

Either as a package with other services that we offer, or as a separate service, our Treasury department can handle all cash payment transactions to vendors as well as to employees.

Payroll Calculations Service

We provide wide range of efficient and cost effective payroll administration services to fulfill clients’ needs and to comply with relevant government regulations.

Also, Payroll consultants also work closely with Tax Corporation, or external Tax office of our clients in handling individual income tax returns for expatriates to provide efficient one-stop service